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    worth it??? hell yes have not dropped one call and the last couple months before the ariave i could keep a call for more then 1 minute. now i can make full 30 minute phone calls
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    its nice but I hate how 2 people can not talk at the same time. Makes a conversation a little more difficult
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    I don't have this issue. Granted I don't normally talk on top of somebody, but I haven't noticed any clipping that would have resulted from a half-duplex call. The only issues I've had is occasionally when I answer a call, there is a bad echo and I can't hear the other end. But that's only happened a handful of times during the last year I've had the Airave.
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    id say its worth it, if you call retentions (google for number) and can get them to give it to you for basically free, that's what me and the missus had due to very poor reception at our house. The airave was awesome. Still is after we have moved.
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