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    I had a touchstone spare back I took the guts out and did a diy on putting it inside a extended back (seidio style) and I wanted to take the chipset back out (the sticker/magnet/gold coil w/ the contacts.

    I had some hot glue on it, and when I pulled it off, the chip where the 2 gold contacts cracked in two. It doesnt have specific solder points that I can figure out to resolder it, its the very thin part that goes from the bigger chipset under the serial # area next to the contacts...any tips how to repair it? I can solder, but its not a metal point, it almost looks like its just a flat piece of copper that went between the plastic of the chipset. Otherwise if I cant fix it, I have a useless spare back that just sticks to the touchstone :-/
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    Sorry.. If the board is cracked I believe you'll need another.. I don't thin should be hard to come by though

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    Ok, thanks. I've fixed issues of bad solder points by following the chip back and bypassing it with a wire to continue to current delivery or whatever, but this didnt look like I could figure the path. Its just a spare back, so no big loss. Seen them on ebay for $10 shipped if I do need one though....but hopefully after feb 9th I wont :-P

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