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    well to start off i have a set of the Motorola S9-HD head phones. they connect via bluetooth to the phone. ihave a Palm Pre Plus (verizon)

    the problem is that they worked fine a few months ago when i last used them. now it is a PITA to pair and when it does it cuts in and out real bad and disconnects after about 20 seconds. and currently they work smoothe on my friends ipoop.

    any ideas?
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    If you're OC'd on a screenstate and dropped below a certain point, the bluetooth will cut out from time to time. When I'm streaming via BT, I change my settings in Govnah to 500 or better with the screen off to keep that from happening. You may also want to see if there is a BT update for your headphones as well.
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    Also, if your phone is flickering in and out of wired headset mode (a common problem, unfortunately), this will also happen. When you make a call and bluetooth is off, can you hear through the normal phone earpiece?
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    A couple others comments. I have the same headphones and I feel your pain. Sometimes they're perfect with no cut-outs at all, other times they aren't worth listening to. If you search the net though you'll find the problem isn't specific to those headphones or specific to the Pre - it's a problem for all BT headphones.

    First off, WiFi can interfere with BT as they both use the same frequency. Some routers have a BT compatibility mode that supposedly helps a great deal - worth looking into if you're having trouble at home and it's your WiFi signal. Also, a general rule of RF interference is that it's worse the closer the two antennas are together and there are a whole lot of WiFi antennas these days - routers, phones, laptops, game consoles, etc. You might consider the environment where you're having the most trouble.

    Second, if your suspect it is a WiFi signal that's causing trouble, some Pre owners have noticed that turning WiFi off on the phone can improve things. That might not be an option for you if you're of course wanting to use WiFi at the same time, but if not it's worth trying. I don't know if it's a problem with the Pre itself or just the same BT/WiFi interference mentioned above but it makes sense that if WiFi is interfering turning it off on the Pre will help.

    Third, BT class 2 devices don't have great range and rely a good deal on either a line-of-sight or reflected signal. You'll probably notice that cut-outs are much worse outside. The short range signal doesn't benefit from signal reflection of nearby walls, etc when you're outside and the Pre typically doesn't have line-of-sight with your headphones either, where ever the S9-HD's antenna is.

    Bottom line is there are a lot of things that could be causing the trouble and BT headphones in general are finicky. If you figure out anything that seems to help or minimize the problems you're having be sure and post back.

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