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    Searched and didn't find anything....

    Anyone using the Blueant Q2 with their Palm Pre? How's it work if so?
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    I have one, works pretty well. Wish the headset had a mute button on it!
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    I have the BlueAnt Q2 and absolutely love it. It's extremely comfortable, stays in your ear (previous BT headsets I have had I would give up on them because of comofrt and reliability) , love the whole voice commands from setting it up, to asking it to check battery, to listening to music via BT w my MacBook Air, iPhone 4, Pre 2, Pre. It lets you pair 2 devices, so I always have my iPhone 4 and Pre 2 paired. It always connects with either device and it's by far the best and most reliable BT headset I have owned.

    I love all the voice commands. It announces who is calling, all you have to say is "answer" or "ignore".

    Bing 411 is very cool, just say "favorites" then you can say "weather", "stocks", "sports", "traffic", "news", etc. without ever looking at your phone.

    The BlueAnt Q2 reminds me of something Apple would make. It's intuitive, no need to read the manual, everything is setup through your voice, it's just plain simple (yet has tons of features). i can't recommend it enough.

    BlueAnt also provides software updates and firmware updates adding new features to the headset:
    Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset - BlueAnt Wireless
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Great info @JimmieGeddes!!

    I have a Pre minus -- just wondering if that will support everything you mention: copying contacts, A2DP streaming, Bing 411, etc.?
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    I also have a Pre- that was recently upgraded to 2.1. Does Blueant Q2 provide any enhanced featured supported in webOS 2.1 since 2.1 added additional AD2P (R2D2) features, VoiceDial, or otherwise?

    Wife and I are planning on upgrading our Bluetooth units and would appreciate any feedback and things previous Q2 owners can provide. Thanks, Sorli...
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    Yes it does..Transfer Contacts, AD2P, etc all works and without problem. Only thing missing on webOS is the Vlingo software offered on Android, iPhone, and RIM, but not available on webOS to convert incoming Text Msg to Audio Msg. I actually put in a request for info from Vlingo to see if they plan on supporting webOS now that 2.1 now provides access to the Voice Input API. Not expecting miracles, but work asking...

    Either way, so far my Q2 headset is working very well. Sorli...

    Update: I also wanted to let you know that the Blueant Q2 support native Phone Commands in webOS 2.1 and allows you to auto load webOS' voice input and provide call command features "Call Home" built-in to webOS 2.1. Basically, the Q2 instructs webOS to load the Voice Command interface and the relays your requests to my Palm Pre.

    I'm loving webOS 2.1 more and more and may end up keeping it on my Pre- even with some of the problems that keep cropping up from time to time. Q2 Rocks and works very well with the webOS 2.1!
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    BlueAnt Q2 is a great Bluetooth. It was amazing wind / echo reduction.

    They also have dual microphones for great speak ability.

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