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    I have a extended Seidio 2600 mAh battery in my Palm Pre, however when I use Dr.Battery it comes up as a 2300 mAh. Any reason why this could be happening?
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    Unfortunately this is how it is. They all are 2300. (2x1150).
    Still a lot of energy. I don't know any battery > 1400 witch shows up as advertised.
    The manufacturer has programmed this value into the chip.
    And I think it doesn't has more than that.

    Some more links:
    and so on. Just search for "seidio 2600"

    Edit: You also can find such reports in one of my favorite posts:
    Even tough I'm happy that this thread was not closed/deleted. Unfortunately this thread has not got the sticky permission ;-(
    You may ask P|C why you didn't know about it.
    EDIT2: Open the precentral site (not the forum) and look at the advertisement. Then you probably know why.
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    Isn't that false advertisement? I get really good battery life as it is now, but still thats unfortunate to see that.
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    Where did you see the battery and bought it?
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    I bought the touchstone extended battery mod kit from touchstone mods. Sorry Can't post links yet..
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    As said: Still a lot of energy. Holds double the time of a std battery.
    But why can't they tell you the truth? I don't know.
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    Ya, its really convenient not having to charge my phone everyday. I make fun of my friends for having such mediocre batteries on their smartphones.
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