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    Hi everyone,

    Thot i'd share my experience with A2DP on Pre2. I've been using the Nokia BH-503 for quite sometime on an Ipod Touch, and now switched to Palm Pre 2.

    - all the buttons work; Play/Pause, FF/RW, Volume.
    - volume is a bit confusing. If no music app running, it will change the phone volume. if music app running, then it will change the multimedia volume.

    Sound quality:
    - the sound is good in my opinion. With a driver size of 32mm, you can definitely hear some good bass and trebble.
    - sounded better on Ipod Touch thanks to their built in equalizer. I just wish the webos have similar function soon.

    Battery life (stock):
    - i listen to music prob around 2-3 hours a day. Calls mostly goes straight to phone, but sometimes i use the BT anyways when i'm in a quiet place.
    - the headphone can last me whole work week with a single charge.
    - the Pre2 unfortunately is draining battery very quick. According to the battery monitor app, i'm loosing charge at a rate of 8% per hour with the above usage pattern, including other wifi/3G/app usage.
    - without the headphone connected and no music listening, the drop rate is about 5% per hour with wifi/3G/app usage.

    So that's my experience. Hope this helps others with their decision making should they want to join in on the no cable hassle.
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    The volume thing works as expected. Typically, music apps tell webOS that when the volume is changed, the media volume should be changed instead of the phone volume. Even if an app didn't do this, the media volume will always be the one that is changed if any media is playing.

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    Correction. I got confused between headset volume button and phone volume button. Here're the correct scenarios:

    Phone volume button:
    - no music app; changes the phone volume.
    - with music app; changes the music volume.

    Headphone volume button:
    - no music app; changes the phone volume.
    - with music app; changes the headphone volume. Does NOT change phone music volume.
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    Oh, I almost forgot 1 very big annoyance; when the screen is locked, a call comes in, and i choose to pick up on the headphone by pressing the headphone's call button, the screen get's unlocked. Once i hangup the call, the screen does not automatically lock.

    Imagine i have my phone in my pocket and i pick up a call, the pressing on the screen causes the numeric pad to get tapped so i occasionally hear the dialtone.

    It just does not make sense why i have to take my phone out of the pocket when the point of bluetooth headphones is to avoid me having to do that.
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    Using Battery Monitor app, i tested videos and below is the result:
    21.8% per hour drop using same Nokia BH-503.

    - waited for battery to drop to 80% before testing.
    - videos converted using Handbrake Ipod Touch preset.
    - watched for an hour before viewing the result.

    So that's about 4.5hours for videos over BT. Not bad. I don't have wired headset to test for comparison though. Anyone?
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    Tried music over BT for 1 hour. Battery Monitor report 11% drop per hour. That's still up to standard as most other BT players can do around 10hours.

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