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    I just ordered a "NEW PALM OEM 157-10119-00 BATTERY FOR PIXI PRE PLUS 157-10119-00 3443WW 1050mAH for 3.98 from amazon. It says it's a new one...what are my chances it's not and did I make a mistake. Please let me know so that I may cancel the order
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    Garrett92c recommended this one in an other thread: Palm Standard Battery for Palm Pixi and Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Accessories
    It has the same Item model number: 3443WW
    I just don't understand the capacity of 1050mAh because the standard palm one has 1150.
    EDIT: Just looked at mine and I can see the number 157-10119-00
    So all information (except for the capacity) looks like a OEM palm battery
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    It is highly unlikely that it is a new palm manufactured battery for $4
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    Just one customer review of the battery Garrett posted the link to:
    I was a bit leery about ordering the battery due to the price, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and was exactly as described. I ran the battery through 5 complete discharge/recharge cycles, per Palm's recommended guidelines, and then I ran the calibration test on the "Dr. Battery" homebrew app. I got back a 100% rating, which means the battery was brand new. I half expected to get an A Stock battery (i.e. a battery from someone who returned their phone within 30 days) or get a Centro battery. I got neither, I got a brand new battery. In fact, I ordered a second battery and ensured I ordered from "The OEM Shop", since that is who I got my original battery from.
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    I too have bought them. My take is, even if it only lasts six months it was worth it.
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    Just placed an order from this merchant for 2. One for my pre and wife's pixi. Less than $6 for both including shipping, not bad. Our current batteries are 80% health. This should hold us over until new devices hit. Thanks for the tip.
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    doesn't seem like its a palm battery unless you had a spelling error with 1050 instead of 1150

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