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    I have a big problem with my original Palm Pre purchased June 6th. When I have anything bluetooth connected and I squeeze the phone or move the slide, something is shorting out and making the bluetooth lose connection with whatever I have it connected to. It has happened while connected to my car bluetooth and to a pair of Motorola SD-9 HD, which is what I use most when noticing this. Sometimes, with the headphones connected, the squeezing/movement of the slide will make the headphones not connect and the sound will come from the Pre speaker but only for like a fraction of a second at a time until I reconnect the headphones by turning off BT and turning it back on.
    Also, while I am talking on the phone, the small movements of me holding the phone against my ear make the received and transmitted sounds scratchy and sometimes it sounds like morse code (except the beeps are parts of words from the conversation) instead of actual conversation.

    Has anyone experienced this via bluetooth? The usage of my phone is about 95% bluetooth with 5% holding it to my ear physically against my head.

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    My pre started to do something like that today too.

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