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    Can anyone recommend a few retractable USB cables that can handle decent data transfers and most importantly can handle high speed charging?
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    Not a specific recommendation, since I don't know who created the ones we purchased. Either way, we purchased two (2) units for each of our phones designed to retract and pull in to the middle like a tape measure when you grab and pull both sides. The units are great for portability and also work the same with the default Palm charger base and USB interface.

    If you're worried about the performance, I'd suggest buying cheaper units like we did and then doing some baseline testing to see if your charging and transferring files is not as usual. I followed this notion when replacing my wife and my original Palm minus batteries. Instead of ordering $35 super batteries, we simply purchased generic Palm Pre batteries for $10/unit. They worked fantastic, lasted about 2 hours longer then the original Palm units, and come in at easily half the price. Sorli...
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    Frys Electronics (the store, don't know about the web site) sell one for about $7. Probably not the *best* out there but definitely not the worst. For $7 you can definitely get some testing in and see how it works for you. Never know sometimes the cheap ones perform as well as the expensive ones.
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    Here's a link to a retractable sync/charge cable available from the PreCentral store. It's on sale now for $9.95 (although apparently out of stock until around 1/17).

    I'm been using one since I got my Pre in June, 2009 with no problems at all. I've never connected it to a wall charger, however, so I don't know about the "high speed charging" capability
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    You, in particular, might try the Orion Gadgets website. I use one and it works fine.
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    I've been using the VersaCharger with the MiniSync for about 7 years. All outlasted the cameras/mp3/phones that I bought them for. Thank gawd`for micro usb standardization !
    The bundle is great for traveling, car charger/wall charger and cord all fit in the palm of your hand. The VersaCharger has two usb ports. One is standard charging and one is 2X the charging speed.

    Palm Pre miniSync - Sync and charge, retractable Palm Pre cable

    Palm Pre miniSync - VersaCharger PRO Bundle - Buy Popular Products Together and Save!

    Good luck on your hunt.
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    I used a retractable cable I got at Fry's when I installed a Touchstone in my car. Go to Fry's and search for item #6047198 to see the one. The Touchstone in my car charges just fast as the one in my house. I didn't try to transfer data with the cable before installing it in my car but I suspect it wouldn't have any problems with that either.

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