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    I ordered one a couple days ago, & got it in the mail today. I charged & calibrated it & it has 98% health which is what I was expecting. Great buy for $3.

    I noticed when I clicked on the link above a couple days ago, the seller was The OEM Planet. I just clicked on it now, and the seller is BTO Inc, price $4.16. Not sure if OEM planet sold out or what. Either way $4 is still a good bargain.

    I also picked up an extra charger & USB, & an extra set of headphones for like $8 including shipping. They are estimated to arrive tomorrow.

    Thanks to the OP for the info.
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    Just got mine in the mail yesterday and popped it in. Had a full charge and ran Dr. Battery at the end of the night. 100% Health it read. Did anyone else notice the white strip near the connector had red stripes? I just found it a bit odd.

    Can't beat it for $3.54.

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    Back to $3 now.
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    Ordered through OEM Planet on Amazon. $3, arrived the day before the earliest estimated, and Doc says she's golden.

    (As for those with shipping woes, what seller did you use?)
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    Oh, and I should add that whatever that funky tracking number they gave me was, it wouldn't show on Amazon and I couldn't figure out whose it was (it was a strange number of digits I don't remember now).

    Had me a bit worried, but hey... it came. So rock on.

    Edit: (It came by USPS to my PO Box, but forgot to look at the shipping baggy to see if it was just sent by post.)
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    i am still surprised a how good these batteries are.i should ha gotten rid of the first battery so long ago!
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    My original battery was down to 580mah according to Dr. Battery. The new one is 1180 and in use, it seemed quite a bit better.

    Does anyone know if this is the same battery for the Pre 2 also?
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    Just bought two and 2 pairs of the palm earphones for 2.66. They aren't that bad and for 2.66 who could pass it up? I stopped buying expensive earphones after they kept breaking....grrrr
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    Just wanna chime in/bump this thread for those of us with aging Pre minuses. This is undoubtedly the best thing you can do to breathe life back into your old love.

    This is coming from someone who finally jumped on the Touchstone bandwagon as well as installed bluetooth connectivity and a TS in the car (which is also freakin' awesome).

    But hands down, a new battery has been the best thing. My old one was at half the original capacity and I didn't realize it until I bought a cheap replacement on a whim. Leaving at the end of a work day I still have 60% - 70% left again with moderate usage all day!

    I'm set until the 3 comes out.
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    I ordered two back in January and finally got them on Monday! After I ordered them, a package arrived from Real OEM with two iPod car chargers. OK, clearly a shipping error. So I E-mailed them and they said they would go ahead and reship my order. They were at least nice enough to not request I ship the incorrect order back. Several weeks pass by and nothing shows up. I E-mail them again and they said it's been shipped. After another week goes by, I alert them again. They verify my address (same address I've been using with Amazon for years) and they said it will be reshipped again via FedEx. Now another month or so passes by and with nothing showing up, I'm about to just drop the whole thing as it's not worth my time when dealing with a $6 order.

    So after all that time and all those E-mails, a package arrives for me on Monday with the batteries. Looking at the bulk postage stamp, it's dated Jan 24. So it appears they packaged it up back then and either lost it before giving it to USPS or USPS temporarily lost it. There's no post mark, so I can't confirm which happened. Either way, this was a big mess for me, but at least I finally got them. Fortunately most haven't had this issue, but I thought I would at least give a heads up that this company isn't the most organized.
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