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    Sometimes when I put my Pixi on the touchstone to charge it, the touchscreen seems to 'freeze up'. I swipe up, and the lock icon goes crazy. Sometime the LED gesture light freezes up as well. But when i take it off the touchstone, I have to turn the screen off then back on and it works fine? Anyone else had this happen to them?
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    I own a Pre for 15 month and it happens to me for the last 2 days
    On youtube other owner have the same.

    I plugged my Pre recently on a PC (HP ) and wonder whether it could be the cause.
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    I have always had issues with my Pixi's touchscreen while it is on the Touchstone. I notice it most when I am trying to scroll through contacts in Sprint Nav while I have it on the TS in the car. I try to swipe the screen, but it picks it up as a press instead and takes me to a contact I don't want. Or if it does register as a swipe, it's like a super-swipe and goes really fast. I just remove it from the TS when I want to use it now. It's easier anyway.
    Touchscreens are a fad.

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