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    Subject says it all, but I'll repeat it anyway. Zagg invisible shield (front only) discounted to $3.75 (75% off) on Zagg site.

    Just ordered three for the wife/daughter/myself.

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    fyi - they do not have this deal for the pre plus
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    Just ordered 2 of them, great deal and can't find them in the store anymore.
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    Some best buys still have the deal.. The one near me had around 6 left when I bought two the other day.. They were 5 bucks each. Well technically the first one rang up 9.99 and the second one 1 cent which i didnt expect.
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    I got the full body maximum coverage ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD for my Pre Plus about a year ago (26.75 plus a $10.00 installation fee). I think this "sale" is/was just for the Pixi/Pixi Plus.
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