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    I had a loaner Infiniti G37 a few weeks ago with a built-in bluetooth system and it was awesome. The Pre doesn't have any kind of voice dialing, yet the bluetooth in this car has a voice dialing function that allowed you to speak a number and then speak "dial" - it worked flawlessly with my Pre and it took no additional programming. If you don't mind setup time, the unit also allowed you to program names from your contacts list which could be spoken, i.e. "dial John".

    My question is, does anyone know of or use a bluetooth speakerphone that has this type of functionality for the Pre? I would love to find one that allows me to dial a number without having to touch the phone. I don't really even care if it has contacts compatibility.

    Thanks in advance!
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    a garmin gps will do this if you get one with voice recognition.
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    I got the Parrot MiniKit Slim. You can voice-dial with it. It loads your contacts from your phone. Very easy to use, once you get it set up (beware, there's a lag time afater you give it a command - I thought it wasn't working for a while!).

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