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    Free shipping!!
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    Hmm, already bought green and black when they were at $10 a piece.. Think I'll go ahead and get orange and blue!
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    Thanks for the tip, I just ordered what I *hope* were one orange and one pink. Of course, Verizon's stupid website showed the item description as "Pink" in the Shopping Cart after selecting *any* of the five colors, so who knows what they'll actually send me? :/
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    I did the same thing yesterday. I called them because it kept adding Pink regardless of what color I selected. The representative said there was a glitch in their website which is preventing the others colors from showing up as out of stock and that it means they only have Pink in stock.
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    Ah, that makes sense. Hmm, anyone have any idea if these are still stocked in Verizon store locations at all? I suppose I'll do some calling around tomorrow, in hopes of finding one to exchange...
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    ugh.. Pink sucks. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyer61 View Post
    ugh.. Pink sucks. Lol
    Not if it's for an 11-year-old girl... ("SqueeEEEE!")
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    I wish they made red ones! I'd be all over it!
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    FYI, both the cases I ordered online turned out to be pink (boo!). However, the first local Verizon store I called had all the colors in stock, and exchanged one of my pink ones for an orange one (yay!). Finally, if anyone else is still looking for the other colors, you might try your local Verizon stores *first* - the in-store price was also $6.97, just like their website.
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    Price has dropped to $4.97, and I have successfully added all colors to my shopping cart.

    Also, HP is selling them for $10, including three of the artist series covers (red barn, snakeskin and skull). If you wanted a red cover, the red barn one is very red and isn't very "barn"y. ;D
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    I picked up a blue one for my wife's Pixi at the VZW website.

    My plan has a 25% discount on accessories, so the final price was $4.03, including tax and 2-day FedEx shipping.
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    great deal

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