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    I saw a review of these on GottaBeMobile and picked up a pair.

    Basically, it's a pair of gloves that use silver conductive thread throughout the entire glove, so any part of your hand can be used on the touchscreen (unlike similar gloves I've seen that only have a conductive point on the fingertip).

    After receiving them, I find that it's identical to using an exposed finger on the touchscreen as far as touch response. In fact, there's actually less friction than my finger on the screen, so it slides easier.

    There aren't any grippy parts of the gloves, so it's a little more difficult to slide open the Pre, and you have to be a little more careful to not drop it, even with a Touchstone back.

    But it's much better to the alternative of not being able to wear any gloves to use my phone. They're pretty warm so far, but it is only November right now, so who knows how it'll be in January. They're not waterproof either, but most likely if it's wet out, you probably won't want to use your phone anyway.

    Even better, the gloves are tight enough that you can still use the keyboard. They do seem to run a little TOO tight for me, as my M/L pair is definitely being stretched over my hands, but I have a feeling after more use it'll stretch more for a better fit.

    My only real complaint about them is aesthetic, as I find the color to be kind of ugly. It's well worth it in my opinion, though, especially for the very reasonable price of $18, which is much cheaper than the others I've seen.

    Agloves Conductive Gloves

    I know I like the gloves so much that this seems like an ad, but I have no affiliation with this company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    I know I like them so much that this seems like an ad, but I have no affiliation with this company.
    Otherwise, you would have posted a bigger picture.
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    Only took the first picture I could find off their site, didn't even realize how big it was.

    Fixed it though.
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    Yea I've been thinking about picking up a pair of these myself. I'm glad you've had a positive experience with the Pre and these gloves. Thanks.

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