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    I just received it yesterday and tried it out. The led light is on, but there is no charge to the phone. Anyone else have this issue?
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    is it a palm branded device? Does your phone charge properly from the wall outlet?

    if it charges from the wall adapter you should probably try to exchange the car adapter.
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    just try to contact the support ...
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    It is a palm branded charger. I can charge from the wall outlet. I tried swapping my supplied usb cable with the one from the car charger and get the same result.

    If it was working, would the phone signal that it is charging?
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    Intersting thing recently happened to my Pre I have a Sprint branded car charger which has worked fine. I was in my wife's car so I used her Sprint branded car charger which would not charge my phone. Now when I try to use the car charger in my car it doesn't work either, however, I can use the microUSB wall charger and it works. Explain that one? By the way my wife's car charger still charges her phone.
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    It happened to me once, turned out I have to replace the cigarette lighter fuse, it was very simple fix. However before I figured that out, I always went and buy new car charger

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