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    just wondering whether any of the Pre users out here can eventually provide me with a good recommendation for a wired headset for the Palm Pre? So far, I have seen a lot of bluetooth devices available out there which is not really what I want as I felt bluetooth to be quite a drain on battery lifetime with most devices I used so far, and in most situations having a wired device is perfectly sufficient. Personal needs are

    - being easily capable of recieving phone calls in car or on bike without having to play with the telephone itself,

    - listening to music once in a while, which would leave me wanting a stereo headset with a sufficient sound quality.

    Thoughts on that, of whichever nature, greatly appreciated. Along with this: Is there a general statement on what kind of headsets (wired) can be used with the Pre? With most of my former cell phones, I was supposed to buy vendor-specific devices to exactly fit the phones connector... what about the Pre?

    TIA and all the best,
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    Any headset with a 3.5mm connection should work for audio listening. To answer calls, you need a headset with a mic.

    I have found that the stock 3.5mm headset that comes with the Pre is perfectly adequate for the purposes you describe. If you want something fancier, the PreCentral store has several to choose from.
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    @jjeffcoat: Thanks a bunch for clarifying things... As a matter of fact, I should have paid more attention looking at what came with the device - having a first look at the box, I considered these things to be "just" headphones without a mic and ignored them ever since. So much for ignorance.

    Thanks again and all the best,

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