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    I just bought this device to listen to podcasts on my car stereo. It works great. My problem is everytime I get in the car I seem to spend 2 mins getting everything working again. I turn the bluetooth off when I leave the car and pull the 12V plug on the T505 as I'm worried I'll drain the car battery (the green light on the T505 stays on all the time). When I get back in the car it seems i have to restart the T505, reconnect bluetooth from the phone, and then turn back on the fm broadcast, sometimes it picks a new station. What is the best sequence to avoid having to seemingly start from scratch everytime? TIA.
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    I have the same device, so I know what you mean.

    Well, for the FM stations, first off: When you hit the FM button, the device will always announce whatever station it was on previously. So if you were you on 101.9 when you turned the device off, once you turn it on and hit the button again, it'll again announce 101.9 as the FM station. However, if you hit the button again while the device is still tuned to a station, it will announce a new station. The device will automatically "de-tune" from a station after about 30 secs if you don't play anything, so you might not want to hit the FM button until you know the device is connected. I personally keep my radio on the same station so I know when T505 is tuned in (silence if tuned it, loud static when it isn't) so I can avoid going to another station by accident.

    As for the order I have the most success with:

    1. Turn on the phone bluetooth first, let the bluetooth symbol appear.

    2. Turn on the T505. The T505 is supposed to automatically try to reconnect with the device it was connected with last time, so that's why I turn on the phone bluetooth first. Technically, the phone also tries to connect with the last used bluetooth device too, but I find that if you turn the T505 on w/o a device it can immediately pair to, it goes into the search mode (red blinking icon) and then you're fiddling with it for 2 minutes...

    Personally, if you're going in and out of the car, I would leave both the T505 and the bluetooth on your phone on. But if you're going to be out of the car for a while, I'd turn the bluetooth off, but remember to turn it on first before turning on the T505. The T505 auto-shuts off after a period of time when it isn't paired via bluetooth, so if you don't really have to turn it off all the time (and I personally keep it out of the charger most of the time because I use the charger for my Touchstone). The battery's supposed to last about 18 hours of use, so I charge it in spurts every so often. Never have a problem.

    As for the green light, the blinking green light basically indicates that the T505 is broadcasting through the FM (if it's using the speaker, it's a blue blink; when the device pairs with your phone, the icon blinks between blue and red very rapidly). So, that's going to stay on as long as you're using the FM, but it'll go away once the T505 turns off (either manually or automatically). Now, my charger for the T505 is a Motorola charger with a blue light on it that comes on to indicate that it's charging and this blue light goes off when I turn my car off, but some cars are different, so if the charger light stays on when you turn off your car, then yeah, keep pulling it out.
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    Thanks that was very helpful!!

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