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    One out of my three touchstones have a very weak magnet, which progressively kept getting worse with time. I use that touchstone the most. It got to a point where it would no longer hold the pre. Pre literally would slide down it. I have two other touchstones which worked fine, so I do know how to troubleshoot touchstone position finickiness.

    When my Pre hit the floor last night I got mad and connected the cable directly to the phone, thinking about throwing the touchstone as far as I can. The next day I decided to try the touchstone again, and magnets are just working fine. Is it possible continuous electricity drained their magnetism and once I disconnected the touchstone somehow they regained the magnetism again?
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    no, that is not likely as magnets of the type in the touchstone are not created by electrical current.

    not sure what caused this but stored electricity in the magnet most likly isn't it
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    strange, but did cure my magnets, wonder somehow they were interacting, you know an electric current does create a magnetic field, but one would think that would happen always and not just over time
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    it sounds like it want on the touchstone squarely so not all 4 magnets were liked up with the metal in the back of the phone.
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    trust me i tried every position
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    maybe the drop to the floor jiggled the metal in the pre's back cover to better align with the touchstone magnets

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