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    Anyone have a Jabra Halo? How is it for people with a large head? I have a 7 3/4 hat size and I am looking for a BT headset that will be reasonably comfortable. I have the Jabra BT8040 ear piece and it is outstanding, so I thought Jabra would be a good one to go with. This won't be for the gym (I don't take my Pre there). Just for airplanes, etc.
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    I have a big head, too. I've never had much luck with these one size fits most headsets. I have used the Jabra BT3030, and will be getting a Jabra Clipper next month (lost the BT3030). With these you can use any headphones, or even external speakers that you want. The microphone resized in the clip sized controller. Great sound and decent battery life. You can even save money with cheaper knockoffs, and still get decent quality.

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