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    Does any one know where I can get accessories for the Palm Pre in Canada? Toronto or Ottawa? Everywhere you look they dont have anything in stock, even Bell itself. I was lucky to find a Bell store with a touchstone. Now all i need is an AGF GRT Case. The shipping to Canada is soo much, there is a ground option but it says if package is lost its not their responsibility.. i dont like the sound of that. I remeber there was someone who offered to sell one to me but I cant find my old post.. if any one has a used one or something I would gladly buy it from them
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    It's not likely you're going to find anything simply. All the big stores don't carry Pre/Pixi stuff. Bell will possibly get it for you, but they are probably going to charge you what you would pay by ordering from the US. (Even with duty figured in.)

    eBay is another possibility.
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    have you tried ordering from at&t or sprint? I think they both carry the GRT case, or did at some point.
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    Tell me about it! I ordered a touchstone from a bell store and it took them almost a month to get it. I say your best bet is probably ebay.
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    Every now and then I come across a Bell store with some Pre accessories. But it's hit and miss. You might try the bell store at Yonge and Eglington in Toronto. That's the last place that actually had a touchstone. But it was a while ago. Call, they might be able to order you something.

    I get my other Pre accessories from here, Precentral (be aware of the cross border tax!)

    Hopefully the situation will get better in the future with more Palm devices, but right now, it's hit and miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    have you tried ordering from at&t or sprint? I think they both carry the GRT case, or did at some point.
    Yes, but I dont think they deliver to Canada or atleast I couldnt find anything on their website.
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    call customer care and ask them?
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    I got my Palm Pre here in Ottawa just about a month ago, and accessories are pretty slim pickings.

    To get the touchstone and touchstone back, I ordered it off of Amazon. Got it shipping included for about $30 - much cheaper than the $75 on (when they had it). I think you can get the touchstone alone for about $20 shipped. You can find alot of accessories on Amazon (.com, not .ca), and most of them will ship to Canada.

    I also ordered the SPE slim pouch case and car charger off of precentral, and while I love both, they shipped it UPS and I got dinged an extra $40 in "brokerage fees" (almost doubled the cost of the items). So I don't recommend UPS shipping.

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    thanks for the tip slim pickins for accessories here too.
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    Actually I just went to double-check the prices on Amazon again, and I couldn't find the really cheap touchstone by itself anymore - most places had more expensive shipping.

    However... the touchstone+back that I bought a couple weeks ago for $26 is now $18.19!! This is through AccessoryOne (on and shipping is $5 to Canada.

    That is a really good deal - so I bought another one for the car and I will now have a replacement touchstone back.

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