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    Now it's not a new thing that people have found that their shiny new Seidio high capacity batteries had been falsely advertised. Such as, the 1350mAh reads as an 1150mAh (same as stock) and the 2600mAh reads as a 2300mAh. I had made a post a month or so ago about how my 2600 had fallen to this same fate, and how angry I was about it. Someone made the great suggestion to send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau ( United States and Canada BBB Consumer and Business Reviews, Reports, Ratings, Complaints and Accredited Business Listings ). So I did.

    And here's what happened.


    [I ordered my battery from Amazon on Sept 6th.]

    First, I went to the BBB's website and clicked "file a complaint" (right on their main page). Then, I went through the whole process of filing the complaint about Seidio (which already has a D rating on their site). Here's what I sent:


    BBB Case # XXXXXXX - Seidio, Inc

    Customer Information:

    [My name]
    [Street number]
    [City, state, zip]

    Daytime Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX
    Evening Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

    The details of this matter are as follows:

    Advertising Issues

    Customer’s Statement of the Problem:
    I have ordered a Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery for my Palm Pre Plus (a smartphone). My issue is with the advertising of said product, for they have lied on numerous accounts about the actual capacity of the batteries they have been selling. The one I have received has an actual capacity of 2300mAh when checked against a program that reads data directly from the computer chip inside the battery itself. There have also been many reports of their 1350mAh Extended Batteries only holding 1150mAh, the same capacity as the OEM Palm Pre battery. These batteries are also not cheap. I bought my "2600mAh" battery for around $50 on Amazon (new, not used), and the "1350mAh" can easily go for $40 online. An example of a forum post about Seidio's deceitful batteries can be seen here: A quick skim of this thread shows how many people have actually had this problem. Now I do not know if this is intentional or by accident on Seidio's part, but the physical chip inside the battery is reading only 2300mAh meaning they knew and manufactured these batteries while knowing they would be falsely advertised. As a consumer of these products, I expect honesty and trustworthiness of their products, as someone who buys this battery without reading this information would not know any better and would have been successfully cheated. This is not right.

    Desired Settlement:
    My desired outcome is for Seidio to cease lying about the capacity of their products. I also request a replacement battery for my battery until I receive an actual battery with 2600mAh as advertised.
    The company is then given 30 days to respond.
    I filed the complaint on the 18th, and the BBB sent me the above message on the 21st as a confirmation.

    On October 11th, I finally got a response from Seidio, forwarded to me through the BBB.

    Dear [My name] :

    This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 9/18/2010 1:07:52 PM against Seidio, Inc. Your complaint was assigned ID 8347529.

    The business has sent the BBB a message regarding this complaint, and we are passing it on to you. The contents of this message are below or attached. Please respond to this message via the link provided, if you received this notice by email, at your first convenience. We do need your response in writing only (via the link or by email, fax, mail) as verbal updates are not accepted. Please respond within the next 10 calendar days. If we do not hear from you in the next 10 days your case will be closed as assumed resolved. We welcome your feedback at anytime, even if after the 10 calendar days, so that we may further assist you with your complaint.


    Dispute Resolution Team

    Phone: 713.341.6117 This number is dedicated for complainants. It is a telephone line that rings to live staff between the hours of 8-5pm Monday through Friday CST. If you happen to get voicemail when you call, it just means we're giving excellent customer service to another caller. Please leave us a message and we will call you back in under 24 hours.


    We will be more than happy to replace the battery for you. Please forward us your a copy of your original order receipt and your shipping address to
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service at 832-204-1118.

    Seidio Customer Service
    On Oct 14th I forwarded that address my receipt that had been emailed to me by Amazon, and my shipping information (also included in the receipt).

    Later that same day I got a response saying that they've received the info and would review it.

    The next day (the 15th) I got this email:

    Hi [My name],

    Thank you for contacting Seidio Return Department. We will send out a replacement battery in 1-2 business days. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Seidio Customer Service at 832-204-1118. Thank you.

    Seidio RMA Department


    And there. That's it. I didn't even have to return my current battery, but they are shipping me a new one entirely free.

    Let this be a lesson for everyone that complains about these batteries! If you want them to stop this ridiculous business practice of scamming us of our payed for and advertised battery life, send a complaint to the BBB the same way I did! Hopefully you'll have the same results and receive a free replacement battery to straighten it out. Even if the one they send me isn't the right capacity again, at least I'll have two of them to swap out (a total of 4600mAh combined!).

    Maybe together we can drive down their rating even further (or upwards if they actually stop falsely advertising their "high quality products."

    Anyone else complained to Seidio the same way or through another source? How were your results? Will you now plan on doing the same thing for your chance to get a correct battery?
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    Were you within the warranty period for your battery? For those of outside it, they've constantly refused to do anything other than offer a 20% discount off a new one.

    Within warranty, they offered the new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp99 View Post
    Were you within the warranty period for your battery? For those of outside it, they've constantly refused to do anything other than offer a 20% discount off a new one.

    Within warranty, they offered the new one.
    He ordered his battery on September 6th, so yeah, he was within warranty.

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