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    So... I am trying to set up may phone and computer so i can have the Pre's audio sent via Bluetooth to my XP box. It seemed straight forward enough, XP saw the device and was happy to associate a headset gateway profile to it.

    As easy as it looked, I am having a few issues:
    1) I can not get audio, except for phone calls, to go from the Pre to the PC via USB
    2) Every time the Pre and XP establish a bluetooth connection, it auto dials the last called number
    3) When connected via bluetooth to XP, any inbound call is auto answered.

    What is going on? Is this a limitation of the Pre's bluetooth profiles? Am I missing something in setup?

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    I'm sad to see there are no replys to this yet. I need to have my pre connect to my PC and have the pre use the computer as an audio device. Specifically for placing calls and streaming audio music from my pre to my PC via a USB bluetooth adapter. stream
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    The problems sound more like a bluetooth issue with XP or your Bluetooth stack vs the Pre.

    Re #1, are you sure that the PC is setup or able to be setup as a receiver for A2DP? Usually a PC is setup as a transmitter and it may not have a receiver profile.

    Re: #2, it sounds more like the PC is sending the redial command. If you connect another device to the Pre using HFP, does it auto-dial? Mine doesn't, and I'm not sure you're blaming the responsible device.

    Re: #3, again it sounds like the fault of the PC. The Pre doesn't auto-answer with other HFP devices so I suspect the problem is on the PC side vs. the Pre.

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