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    I want to connect those two devices.
    Here what I do:
    1. Turn on Bluetooth in Palm pre
    2. Search for audio device
    3. Ford Audio found
    4. Then I want to connect (tap on the Audio device)
    5. Then pairing please enter passcode
    6. Normally in my other phone (Nokia N95 8gb) radio shows 4 numbers to pair the devices. But when I try to do this with Palm nothing happens
    7. I tried 0000 9999 and still I get an error and nothing works as it suppose to.

    Any one had this same problem.
    Is there any solution?

    I donít know if it can be a problem but normally (on Nokia 95 8gb) I can use my phonebook on the radio. Maybe this option is the problem to connect Palm to my ford radio?
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    try initiating the pairing from the device instead.
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    Thanks for help but I found the solution.
    Name of my phone was to long that's why ford audio could not recognize Palm.
    Now It is Palm pre and everything is OK.
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    good catch. I forgot about that. It also doesn't like special characters, so I had to rename my Nuvi without the two dots over the 'u'.

    sorry I forgot about that detail. Glad it's working for you now.

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