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    Hi forum,

    yesterday I got the great touchstone.
    Now I have a question. It works fine, everything is ok, when you put it on the right way.
    When it is charged to 100%, can I keep the Pre laying on it?
    I mean, when the touchstone is still online. The sandby clock is very nice and it looks very cool.
    I'm not sure, because the battery gets warm and I don't want to cause the battery or the Pre. I'm using the original battery.

    I read that it is good for the battery, not to let it fall under 40 % status but not to keep on loading when it finished. What do you think?


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    I have had the touchstone for over a year, and I leave the phone charging while sleeping with no problems. Have fun.
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    The Pre has a Li-ion battery. You can charge it as offten and as long as you like with no issues. As far as battery life over the long run; li-ion batteries like to stay topped off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mahirrr View Post
    yesterday I got the great touchstone.

    When it is charged to 100%, can I keep the Pre laying on it?
    Yes, when the battery reaches 100%, it stops charging. It will discharge to approximately 94% and then the charging will start again until it reaches 100%.

    This cycle continues as long as you have it on the touchstone. You can leave it on the touchstone as long as you like without worrying about it.
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    I have mine on the TS all night without issue... I also have it on a TS all day at work while playing videos. No issues there either. haha
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    I had the ''Ding Dong''(you know, that sound when it is 100% charged) problem, but I put a piece of paper between the backcover and the battery and now the problem is gone. So I heard only when the ''Ding Dong'' problem stops, it's no Problem for the battery, because it doesn't keeps charging the whole time, but the way Trekker explained.

    Short: If there's no Ding Dong Problem, it's no problem keeping the Pre on the touchstone because the battery doesn't get warm, right?

    edit: I did it just like that:
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    Doesn't the paper need to be in between the coil and the TS?
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    Actually it works very fine so and on the page of the photo I read that it works, too. At all I could put on glue stripes on the touchstone, that's works, too, I read.

    edit: I was wrong, now I put a lot of paper between it and it works. So I will have to put glue stripes on it. Well, it's not looking fine, but however :P
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