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    Unless my phone is attached to my hip or within 3 feet my connectivity starts cutting out. Is this a sensitivity issue? It's not the BT headset as it works fine with my other BT streaming devices. Is my Sprint Pre bad? Is there a patch for this? Any help wouold be appreciated.
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    My very first Pre had a very weak bluetooth radio. After some troubleshooting and shaking my angry fist I decided to take it back and get another one. After being very persuasive I got sprint to exchange it. The new one was a very big improvement.

    Now make sure, if the sprint A-holes try to test it and it seems to work well, tell them to test it outside. Bluetooth outside is the real test. When you are inside the signal bounces off walls and you may get semi decent reception that a sprint rep may argue is normal.
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    I had the same problem with two of my phones. on one my bluetooth would sound like static if it was more than 6 inches away from me and the wifi wouldn't work either. I took it back and they gave me a new one. of course on the new one they gave me the bluetooth would sync but it wouldn't transmit audio. beware of sprints refurb phones! Take it back its not normal.
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    Agree that 3 ft is not normal, I get 20 ft indoors. Outdoors, only 5 ft or so

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