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    My Plantronics 510 has worked GREAT for a number of years on my Treo 650, but since moving to my Pre Plus people complain they have a difficult time hearing me, that I sound distant. Cupping my hand around the mic really improves things.

    Could my Pre be at fault? Are there any settings/options that can change the bluetooth mic sensitivity/volume?

    Despite being "old" the 510 is a very highly rated device and I would love to keep using it.

    Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

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    Hey rustymutt,

    Not sure why yow would have issues. I've been using the 510 for many months now and have nothing but perfect use from it. There aren't any settings to use - once you pair the two together, you should be good to go. I do know that when I got the 510's, there was a disclaimer on Voyager's product page saying it may not be compatible (for some reason), but I took the chance because I lost my last one and liked it enough to try again. Works perfect for me.
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    One this I found with bluetooth is it's not very happy when Wifi is connected (even though they aren't supposed to cause interference).

    If you have Wifi on, try turning it off and see if that helps performance any.
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    is it possible that it's just time to put your old BT out to pasture? See if you can find a friend that will let you try out the BT on their phone with your headset to see if it's the headset or the Pre.
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    I borrowed another 510 and just tried it on my Pre and it works fine. Mine must be going bad.

    Thanks for the replies - sorry to bother everyone!
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    I have the same BT, same problem. I just realized today that I've had it for over 3 years and use it almost everyday. Guess it's time for a new BT, although the palm headphones work as a great substitute. Never realized it had a mic in it till a couple of days ago.

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