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    I get no reception most of the time in my office. Sprint sent me a free Airave hoping it will help the issue. I have been working with Sprint tech support for a couple of weeks now but we can't get it to work. The MOBILE light keeps blinking orange which means the Airave can't establish a handshake with the Sprint network over my company network.

    Our network obviously has firewalls and I'm sure it has a whole bunch of ports closed. Has anyone had similar issues? Any solutions?

    Any technical info as to what I can request from our network team?

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    I think the airave is meant more as a soho solution, and does not fit in with an enterprise to begin with. That said, by trying to plug this into your company's network, you are most likely violating policies that could lead to your dismissal. Why are you connecting a rogue device into their network without approval? In a true corporate environment, you would need to coordinate with your infrastructure security folks to implement this properly. It should hang off of the office's DMZ. I didn't do any research into what ports/protocols are needed, and the device does work through a typical home NAT, but corporate firewalls that handle more complex rulesets are a different matter.

    Did you work with your corporate infrastructure to approve this device be connected to their infrastructure? There's likely a better solution. Most corporate offices have cell repeaters/signal amplifiers inside the building.
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    Thanks for the post. As far as approving the device with the company or getting fired...Im not worried about that. This isnt the kind of company that would do this.

    It was my next step to work with the infrastructure group and see if I can get it to work but I doubt they would put this on their plate as there are a lot more important issues happening that they deal with. I'll see what i can do....

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