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    Hello all,

    After having gone through my THIRD Seidio Innocase Surface case in EIGHT SHORT MONTHS (I baby my Pre and this case just plain sucks,..too flimsy, too few tabs and each tab is way too short, length-wise), I just ordered the newly redesigned, thinner (less bulky) GRT case from AG Findings for my Palm Pre Plus.
    Does anyone know if there's a "verticle" leather case that this will fit in, (OR a holster) one that I can wear on my belt? I'm not a fan of the cases that protrude out too far due to a bulky swivel/clip and prefer the closeness of a "Seidio-like" holster.

    Thanks in advance,
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    There aren't any holsters yet, but the GRT case has tabs on it that just scream compatible holster. AG just hasn't sold it, yet.

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