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    I had an old blackberry charger with the mini usb connector lying around. I bought a mini to micro usb adapter and it seemed to be able to charge my Palm Pre just fine. It occurred to me that there are probably tons of old blackberry chargers lying around so I asked around and easily got 3 more for free that were destined to be thrown out anyway.

    Since my Pre battery drains so quickly, I thought it would be useful to have extra chargers lying around and one to leave in my travel bag. I already have three touchstones (bedroom, car, work), but figured a couple more for the living room, kitchen and travel bag would be useful, especially if all it costs me are cheap adapters from ebay.

    I tried to do a search and couldn't find any mention of anyone else doing this. Is it a good idea or will doing this do bad things to my phone or battery in the long run?

    Also, SO is an iPhone and iPad user. (I know, I know, I accept your condolences.) Can the iPad wall charger be used with the Pre without frying anything? Has anyone successfully interchangeably used the iPhone and Pre wall and car chargers? For instance, if we go on a trip, can we share wall and car chargers? I know I should probably just go and test the different combos, but since I was already posting about the blackberry and iPad chargers, I would ask about the iPhone chargers, too.

    I just installed Dr. Battery and my battery is at 68% health. I was curious if I killed my battery by using the Blackberry charger, or by overclocking (500/800 screenstate), or if it was just because it was a launch day Sprint Pre so just old. I just ordered a new battery and don't want to kill that one, too.
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    About the only problem I see is that those chargers may only supply 500mA, which is more of a trickle charge than you get from the 1A that the Pre charger puts out. But, it'll still charge eventually, just like when you connect to your computer's USB. Same with the iPod wall charger (USB charger, right?). But, perhaps the one for the iPad puts out more than 500mA? Don't try to use your touchstone with anything less than 1A, though.

    These chargers are not the cause of your decreased battery capacity, either.


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