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    hello i am new to the forum and i got myself a brand new palm pre. this phone is amazing..but..everyone knows the battery life isn't the greatest...sooo to fix this little problem i have decided to get an extended battery.I opted for the 2800 mAH size because it does not seem to alter the size drastically and it does not look ridiculous like the 3800. anyways, my research has stopped on two choices, i cant find much reviews so i am hoping for advice and guidance from pre owner, that may or may not have experieced with extended batteries or either of theses two companies.

    Choice 1:
    Amzer® SmartCell 2800 mAh Lithium Ion Extended Battery

    Choice 2:
    Mugen Power 2800mAh Extended Battery

    [please google and youtube them, i wanted to provide links but i cannot, because i have o post]

    i'd appreciate any advice on extended batteries, or theses two companies
    thank you
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    I have using a Mugen 1400 battery since last Oct. and it is still working fine, seems like a good company.
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    I would suggest anyone that doesn't make your phone look big and bulky. Mugen 1400 seem like a good bet.
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    +1 for Mugen. The 1400 is good if you want to keep the size smaller, if the the extra thickness doesn't bother you then the 2800 would probably be great.
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    The mugen 1400 is only good for a slight boost and not for anyone who needs alot more battery life. If you find you need alot more, your on the right track with the 2800(if the added thickness doesn't bother you). As for aftermarket cell phone battery manufactuers, it would seem they are all a bit shady at times and you may or may not end up with what you paid for. I feel I got what I paid for in my mugen 1400, so I don't want to try and bash any O.E.M battery supplier. You'll have to do some research and make your own assertion as to buy or not to buy.
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    Welcome to PreCentral and the world of webOS. Regardless of which battery you are using, the first thing I would advise is how to optimize battery life on your phone. Read this first.
    Enjoy your new phone!
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    wow ...this is a really good forum, a shower later and i already have replies

    Thank you! and yes ive already tried the typical stuff to reduce battery drain, but i still can barely make it home from school without my battery dieing

    for the 2800 i didnt think it was expand it a i dont want anything huge like the 3800
    has anyone used this 2800? does it only expand it by 0.08 inches?..i have seen a video and it does not look much bigger.

    has anyone ever experienced any issues with the new battery doors? any distortion of the speaker or flash?

    @bdog both of these batteries and doors loook exactly the same and i've read that amzer is a rebranded mugen
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    I myself just got in the Seidio 2600 battery and battery door. After a full charger today I was able to record video for 3 hours at the fair with still 60% battery life left over, that's only in the 1st few hours of receiving and fully charging (took 4 hours).

    I'm sure that my 1150 standard battery wouldn't have lasted nearly as long.

    Not only was I recording video, but after recording a few, I was emailing as well so that took some extra juice in all I recoreded and sent 25 videos.

    as well as having my battery moniter on to chart the progression of the battery during this time of use.

    Total 3 applications running,

    1video recorder

    2 email

    3 battery Moniter

    after 3 solid hours of use I had 60% battery remaining.

    I'm going to kill the battery and let it juice all the way as is suggested to get the most out of ur Battery. This should be done for a few days 2-3.

    Welcome to Webos
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    Anyone experienced with the ebay 2600 ones? They are like ~ $20

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