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    On two seperate occasions I was able to dial the last number I've called over my bluetooth headset. I have a Plantronics 975 headset and I clicked on the all purpose button to reconnect the bluetooth with the phone and instantly the phone started calling the last number I've dialed. It seems to me that the Pre does have this feature embedded, but it seems to be locked. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    it is not a locked feature as far as I know. I do that all the time on my aftermarket car kit
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    That's a regular bluetooth feature. My Jawbone Icon redials by double-clicking. It can also be programmed for one-touch dialing of a specified number.
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    If I tap and hold the button on my Jabra3030, it connects. If I double-tap, it dials the last number.
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    Weird. I guess the Plantronics 975 doesn't fully support this feature.
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    Hey, I just tried to connect and this feature is support. I guess this feature was added in one of the updates.
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    I have two Plantronics Discovery headsets (a 640 & a newer one...) and my Pre allows both of them to do this... Once your headset is connected, it should simply be a double-click to bring up instant redial.
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    on my jawbone I just tap the button 3 times and it re-dials.

    I can also dial from my garmin gps.
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    My Jabra BT3030 can do this. My Parrot RKi8400 can initiate new calls from the synced address book without any problems.
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    My Camos-200 motorcycle helmet kit can do the same by tapping the call button. Last number redial only.

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    My Motorola HT820 has been able to do this since day one. On my Treo 680 all the way until my Pre. Pretty standard feature on bluetooth enabled devices, I believe.

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