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    I bought this Verizon Pre Plus off of Ebay and made it into a sprint pre plus. When I got it, it had installed. I didn't check the bluetooth before I took it apart to add the sprint radio.

    Installed sprint pre cell radio, which works fine. When turned on, Bluetooth just says it is turning on and the working symbol spins, but it never turns on. The only way to get it to stop trying to turn it on is to reset/pull battery. Used Webos doctor 1.4.5 numerous times, with no improvement.

    Where is the bluetooth module located on the Pre Plus?

    Is it feasible to swap it out like the radio from the good Sprint donor?
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    nope it's on the mother board what rom did you use when making your sprint pre a plus it could have something to do with the bluetooth tokens not moved over right double check that... if your using the verizon rom then you may have a bad bt radio... Good luck...

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