Hey, I am not associated with Jwin (infact I had never heard of them before I bought this)

But, I had gone through 2 really expensive pairs of bluetooth headphones that sounded like complete garbage with the Palm Pre (the high end was like...someone put the tweeters in a blender or something..just awful)

and on a whim I bought these $26 puppies.

Well, they sound pretty damn good, I think the best I can expect from the Pre (there IS something wrong with the A2DP on the Pre, Palm Engineers you may be smart but you are DEAF)

I am a sound design major and have my masters in media production, so I know what sounds good.

I dont just mean they have good bass: that annoying high end distortion issue is almost completely gone with these headphones.

Plus the battery on these puppies lasts forever.

Downside: They are a bit on the big side...so you look a tiny bit goofy with them...

Amazon.com: Stereo Bluetooth Backphones: Electronics

So, if you are looking for some BT stereo headphones that dont sound awful...have great battery life...and cost $26...these are the ones for you

Oh yeah they also have pause/play, prev track and next track buttons as well as the ability to answer and make calls.