Got a Mintyboost 3.0 fully assembled by someone off Etsy yesterday and plugged it into my Pre which was down around %30 charge.

The batteries got quite warm, almost uncomfortable to hold and it bumped it up to 34% after about half an hour or so. Then the phone started to lose charge again even while plugged in to the MB.

I tried testing the batteries which looked to still be a good 80% full and I replaced them but no dice. It simply refused to boost the phone's charge at all.

This version has a switch on it to adjust the resistors for picky devices, I tried using this. Left does nothing, right claims its charging but the Pre continues to lose power as if its just hanging out in my pocket.

I also noticed that twice the screen refused to come on again for me after I plugged in the MB. I could hold hear the chime when I plugged in the MB or if I held down the shoulder button or turned off/on the ringer but no screen till I yanked the battery and rebooted. It also would go into Offline mode on the Sprint connection till rebooting which is very annoying.

I wondered if it would fair better if the Pre's battery wasn't so close to dead so after charging on the wall charger last night I played some videos and got it down to 92% and tried the MB again. After an hour I'm now down to 89% and it says Phone Offline again.

For the record I'm running the Seidio 2600mah battery.

Anyone have any ideas?