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    So, I've been lurking on here pretty much ever since I got my phone last October.......finally decided to register as an user and post.

    I LOVE this site, and big kudos to those that have posted about the cheap touchstone deals.....I've been wanting a car charger anyway, so the verizon deal was great (sad that I missed out on the $9.99 deal, but $14.99 was pretty cheap too!!)

    Then I saw that people were still finding them at Radio Shack, so I went online, and found a store 1/2 hour away that showed they had in stock (I had seen that before when they were $16.99 or something like that, and when I called then they said they didn't have any in stock), but since they were still showing it as an in stock item, I decided to call again, and sure enough, she said they had one left, so I had her hold that one, and I got that one for $7.97!!!

    Got a touchstone cover on Amazon with shipping for $10.54 (and I had Amazon gift card credits from being a SwagBucks user, so it really didn't cost me anything for that!! )
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    Welcome. I hope being a member on Pre|Central forum will be as fun for you ~ as it is for me.
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    Dude, i didnt think Swagbucks worked? haha
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    Welcome! I agree. This is a great site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyer61 View Post
    Dude, i didnt think Swagbucks worked? haha
    ? They work fine for me, I've only been using Swagbucks for a few months, and have earned $20 so far in Swagbucks (I just learned some new tips, and am earning them faster now....should be about $10 a month or so in Amazon gift cards).

    Sorry didn't mean to turn this into a Swagbucks infomercial!!
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    This is a great site.

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