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    alright so ive been kinda dumb about my battery so now its health is down to 77%... i never knew to really watch my heat and stuff like that so for a while i was killing it.

    my questions are
    1: not really a question but i wish there were a way to fix it
    2: any chance sprint will give me a new one?
    3: if not where should i buy a new one. im worried about getting an old battery thats already close to worn out so where would be a good place to buy one(preferably cheap)

    notes about 2-
    i have overclocked and know this was my main problem, but if i uninstall uber and all that and reinstall the stock kernal would they know that i overclocked? i know the moment they see overclocking they will say no
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    battery has a warranty, so start with asking Sprint to exchange it.

    then find the thread called Dr Battery and get the app to learn about battery condition and how to attempt conditioning of your battery.

    if you remove the overclock kernel, you should be all set.

    then order the mugen 1400 extended battery so you have a little longer life and the option to swap batteries when needed.
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    I ordered my extra OEM Pre Plus battery off ebay for $9.95 free shipping. It was still in the sealed package. Unfortunately this weekend I put my original battery in my purse as I was going to be gone most of the day and had my extra battery in the phone and must have lost my original battery so I ordered another from ebay today. Be sure and put OEM in the search field and make sure the auction says new and not refurbished.

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    If you can't get a free one from Sprint, you can get an OEM Pre battery from Amazon for $8.44 shipped.

    I would normally recommend the Mugen 1400 but they cost $31.95.

    As cheap as the OEM Pre batteries are, I can't justify purchasing a Mugen at this time. You can get 3 OEM Pre batteries for less than the price of a single Mugen 1400.
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    Or you can get a new Centro battery, which is identical to the Pre's, for $5 off Amazon with free shipping. You can get six of those for the price of one Mugen, and that's 6900 mAh for the same price as Mugen's 1400.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp99 View Post
    Or you can get a new Centro battery, which is identical to the Pre's, for $5 off Amazon with free shipping.
    Even cheaper off ebay - $3.20 shipped.

    Palm Centro battery

    The only thing I would be hesitant about it that lithium ion batteries degrade with age, even sitting on a shelf, so a Centro battery that's a few years old may not last very long.

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