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  • It sucks...I gave up on it.

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  • Works sometimes...frustrating but still trying.

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  • Seldom fails...use it frequently.

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  • Always works...use it everyday.

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    So after a weekend of leaving BT turned on all the time on the pre and not letting mode switcher toggle BT, I have not had a single pairing or connection issue. In and out of the car it connected just fine everytime.

    My conclusion, just leave it on. The battery drain is not worth the aggravation of constant re-pairing.
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    I have a Bluetrek Metal headset and a Motorola T605 carkit. Both work very well. Only problem is sometimes I have to hit the bluetooth button to transfer the call to bluetooth when answering from the phone. If I answer using the Bluetrek or the T605 it always connects in bluetooth mode.

    What I wish is to be able to disable stereo bluetooth from the phone but leave the hands free / headset profile on. I made a thread on it here:
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    It has started again. Got in the car and got the "unable to connect to phone" message on the GPS. Had to pair it again. It went several more days but still a pain.
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    did you connect to anything else in between times being in your car? webOS always tries to connect to the last device it was connected to. I wonder if there is some sort of timeout or other issue with that.
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    BT works, but I dont like the audio quality for phone calls compared with a wired headset.
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    I use Bluetooth every work day without any issues.

    In the morning, I drive to the bus station, listening to Pandora/Media Player via Bluetooth on my JVC KD-R800 car radio, then switch over to my Motorola S305 for the bus/casual carpool ride without any problems.
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    I have a Jabra BT8040 earpiece (which is A2DP) and I use it on my commute every day. I drive 60 miles each way, and I use it to listen to my Rush Limbaugh daily podcasts. It has never failed me. I turn on the earpiece, and the Pre recognizes it immediately and I'm ready to go.

    Oh, and the audio quality for phone calls is actually better than using the phone itself (and the Pre has outstanding call quality in its own right).
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    I'm using a BT headset while driving several times a week.
    Never had any problems.

    The non-existence of the Obex profile OTOH is very annoying.
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