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    I've been told it is impossibe to listen to music on the Pre via bluetooth on my laptop. Somehow I just got it to work. :0))
    Anyone else so lucky ??
    I've got a small remote on my desktop where I can stop/pause, start playing, and skip forward & back..... This is great :0)))))
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    WebOS still makes sense.
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    How did u get it to work?
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    Well thats what I totally don't get. Not much really: turned on bluetooth on the Pre, searched for bluetooth devices on the laptop. The laptop found the phone, I was then asked to confirm 4 digits on the phone v the laptop. I confirmed, and it worked. I can not tell you how surprised I was, but enjoyed it :0)))

    I decided to tell about it @ precentral in case somebody wanted to do some investigating via me on the laptop, to see if we could find out, just how.. Why don't you try it yourself ;0) You never know.
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    You just need to set up your laptop/computer as A2DP audio sink. Different Bluetooth Stacks do that in different ways. Apparently the Bluetooth Stack of Vista/Windows 7 seems quite advanced here.

    Most things should happen automatically anyway, because webOS Bluetooth basically only request audio services...
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    this is nice to know....i dont even use bluetooth at all anymore and now i have a reason to

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