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    I am one of those users who has found out that the Seidio 2600 battery is actually a must have but decided that the loss of use of my touchstone was something I did not enjoy.

    That being said, I took a look at the mod where someone was able to transplant the stock coil from the Pre Plus cover onto the back of the Seidio 2600 back cover.

    In looking at the pin configuration, I decided that a light solder job was cleaner solution for getting the power from the back to the two pins next to the battery.

    After a relatively easy procedure being careful throughout, I put the phone back together and the unit worked straight away.

    Charging time through the touchstone on the Seidio 2600 battery is about 1% every 2 to 3 minutes which is about what I expected. The unity easily stays attached to the Touchstone and even dampens the hollow sound of the Seidio over size rear cover.

    The other individual sells the cover mod, but for me, it seemed like a relatively small risk to achieve the same result. It works, Im happy, and now I have the longevity of my 2600 battery, and the returned convenience of my touchstone.
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