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    I have purchased 3 Zagg Invisashields and everyone of them I've removed. I know how to apply the product. I've done auto window tint and wall paper with is essentially the same application. In addition, Zagg was $14.95 or so about. The reason I removed them, post bubbles.

    I found on eBay the "XtremeGuard Premium Screen Protector" and it was only $1.00 each. I purchased 2 of them. When I applied it it was just as easy.

    The results are fantastic!!! I show people all the time and nobody can believe I have a screen protector on at all. It is a smooth as glass !!!
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    I don't see one for the pre. I tried looking for " xtremeguard palm pre" and just xtremeguard. Are you just buying a random one and cutting to size?
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    I personally haven't found anything as good as Zagg InvisiShield( mind you haven't tried anything else either since). It IS a pain to put on but once it's on, it's good to go. I'm on my 3rd PRE now and 3rd InvisiShield and am happy with it
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