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    Hi everyone, I have had my pre since December and I recently got back into running/cycling and all those activities. The Pre has a great advantage with Pandora and some of the apps like JogStats that are going to be very helpful.

    My question was, what kind of accessories do you use to exercise with your Pre. So far I've been just carrying it on my hand while running, but I would prefer some sort of armband case.

    Any ideas?

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    Good idea and my wife has been looking for similar items to mount her unit on her 10-speed, but I think the arm band option would be easier. BTW, mounting hardware for anything including iPhones are no where to be found.

    Did you find anything yet? Have to do some digging and see what Amazon or Sports Authority has available. Someone makes something worth using when running, jogging, or peddling. Sorli...
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    I am going to start looking at universal items, because I figured if anyone knew where to find anything like it it would be here. So I guess the hunt continues.

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