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    Does anyone's Touchstone get hot just being plugged in? To me, this normally means the unit is pulling power, but kinda hard to put the Touchstone on a meter and test its output.

    Maybe it just takes a long time for the unit to cool down after charging my Pre???

    Not sure really, but the Micro-USB and Wall-wort interfaces are supposed to only draw power when they are not being used, nothing plugged in nothing drawing power, but the Touchstone may be recognized as a device pulling power even if minimally. Either way, I was wondering if anyone had some info about it and knew otherwise.

    Thanks, Sorli...

    PS - love my new Touchstones....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    Maybe it just takes a long time for the unit to cool down after charging my Pre???
    Unless you have a short....that's what is going on. The heat is transferred from the Pre during charging.
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    Mine is room temperature when simply plugged in (not charging the Pre).
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    Thanks for the feedback and mine is doing the same things and I'm just knew to TS charging. Sorli...
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    make sure you aren't using an unapproved (cheap) wall adapter.
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    I don't leave it plugged in when the Pre is not on it.
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    hmm, maybe a bad part. My touchstone is on 24/7, and it was always cool to the touch.
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    Mine doesn't get hot.

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