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    LONG Explination : Hello! Well , I am a teenager and love to listen to music . Since the App Catalog got a Groove Shark app ( 3$ a month streaming program with tons of music ) I was looking for a way to listen to music . First , I bought earphones . Eh , not bad , but sometimes i'm with my friends and I wanna share my music . :] So then I started using my speaker . Eh , not the loudest speaker .. So .. To the PC community ! Got a txt file the made it louder . DEFINATELY louder . Blown Speaker . Hooray ! So next choice , portable speakers ? I've always had a horrible experience with these things . UNTIL I saw a review for X-Mini speakers .

    Short Explination : BEST speakers ever ! They're friggin loud ! Got a full 11 hours of use before the batterys began to die . Rechargable batteries ! xD USB chargin . I was using them at the mall with a couple of my friends , until a mall security guard came over and asked us to either turn it down or leave . Definately worth it . Price ? Cheap ! Here ya go ! : Online Shop I give it a 5/5 . Great if you wanna listen to music without blowing your speakers . I bought it from Amazon . The thing is TINY too . Have fun .

    Oh ! Also , if you notice , they are way louder from a laptop then from the phone . I'm trying to see if an earphone enhancing txt file would help that . I'll post back later if this thread gets any questions and such .
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    Did you buy the I, II or Max?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray1b View Post
    Did you buy the I, II or Max?
    I got the X-Mini II . Look for reviews online . This speaker really is awesome . It actually has some bass too it too . It basically stretches out , to an accordion looking thing , and it definitely gives it some bass .

    $29.90 X-miniĀ® II From the reviews I saw , The X-Mini MAX II sounded pretty much the same from the X-Mini II . Don't take my word for that one tho . Don't really know .
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGP View Post
    Nice find . Thanks . I payed $30 for mine . @_@ Thanks tho . Did you buy the speakers , or are you just helping people out ?
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    Thanks for the tip. I have been looking for something like this and the reviews for this one seem to mostly be very positive. I picked one up for $26.95 with free shipping here.

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