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    I am looking for a BT headset that can pause audio (music and podcasts) via one earpiece.
    I love my present Jabra 8040 single earpiece that can run the A2DP stereo protocol/stack.

    I've been listening to audio books and podcasts so much with it, I'm starting to wonder how many/which models out there can pause/FF music and are a single earpiece (vs dual).

    I've casually browsed but have only come across the Jabra 8010 (which can be used as a single or dual earpiece). I'm sure a bunch can do it, but are a stereo (2 ear) solution.

    Anyone know of a BT earpiece that meets these requirements?
    1) Can function as a single earpiece
    2) Runs the A2DP protocol (which I assume it needs to stream stereo music)
    3) Runs the 'X' protocol (which would allow music pausing, FF'ing, etc)

    Also, does anyone know the protocol that would allow 'X' above?
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    AVRCP (Audio Video Remote Control Protocol) is what's used by Bluetooth headsets. Not sure of any specific single earpiece models though.
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    don't know of any BT headset that can fast forward or rewind, but all the stereo BT headsets will pause, and skip tracks.
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    ah yes, AVRCP is what I was looking for.
    Anyone who reads this tread and knows of a single BT earpiece (that can maybe work in double or single mode, like the Jabra 8010), post here. I knew/know of the Jabra line when I bought my last one, but not too familiar with any of the other companies.
    Remember, I'm looking for a Single earpiece, so I can rest my head on a pillow while going to sleep (speakers are too loud for bed companions)

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