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    Hi all, I have a Jabra SP700 that I pair with my pre. Everyday after turning on the Jabra and initially pairing, calls and A2DP work. When I go out of range of the Jabra, then return it automatically repairs, but will only work for calls and not A2DP. If I play music I hear nothing. I have to goto the bluetooth menu and disconnect from the Jabra, then reconnect to get the A2DP to start working again. I am often in and out of range from my vehicle while working during the day and this is frustrating.

    This was happening with my old pre and the refurb pre I have now. I'm thinking it might be the Jabra, but was wondering if anybody else ran into this situation with going in and out of range of their bluetooth device, and 'auto' repairing with A2DP working.
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    I try to remember to turn mine off when I'm out of range, but it's not A2DP.
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    my sony in dash system sometimes doesn't reconnect either. Been this way.
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    This happens with my Jabra Stone as well... although slightly differently. If I turn it on, it'll connect immediately for phone calls, but if I want to use A2DP, I have to disconnect the bluetooth connection and reconnect (in device menu). Upgraded to WebOS 2.1 recently and was very happy to find that this problem didn't occur at first, but now it's happening again... Any suggestions?
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    I have this problem very annoying. I think it depends on the brand headset or car radio.

    When I had a sony explod no problems, but I changed to a pyle dvd and now if the pyle connects to the phone it doesn't play(music but I think the phone works), but if the phone connects after the radio has been on then it plays. Since my other two a2dp bluetooth devices always play I am pretty sure that it will work properly if you switch to a different brand headset, radio etc

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