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    I've been using my wife's LG Chocolate car charger, but it's defaulting to a standard USB port charging speed which is awfully slow (2hrs gives about 70%). That's way too slow. How fast will palm charger get me to 100% from 10% ?
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    A lot faster than using the touchstone...
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    it the same as the tojchstone. Both are 1000ma output
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    My car charger seem to do the job a lot faster... (In my opinion)
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    full charge in under an hour. Ymmv
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    Drive 20k a year or so. The car charger is fast. Even while i run trapster its still pretty quick if the brightness isnt extremely high.

    I'd say its around same speed as touchstone too.
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    Does anyone know how to tell what the output is on a "Verizon" branded car charger? I've got one, but don't know if the output will be enough to charge with a touchstone in my car and henceforth haven't tried it yet....

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    I have touchstones at home, car and office and the charging speed apprears to be the same on all of them. I would suggest that any charger you use be an official Palm device or have a rated output of at least 1000ma
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