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    Charging and runtime battey life are big factors in my usage.(I still consider my pre+ to be more of a handheld-old style palm than a cellphone.) The Otterbox is number one in protection if not for the battery life. If you get an amzer or mugen 1400 battery you should be ok depending on your charging habits.

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    I've had both. The GRT case is by far the better choice. Otterbox is probably the best case on the market for every other device out there with the exception of the Pre.
    GRT nailed it with it's unique slider design and cut out for the touchstone charger.
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    I just got my GRT case in the mail today and I am not real happy with the way the keyboard seems to sit down inside it. Does anyone else have a problem with the sides being too high around the keyboard from the slide slots? Perhaps it's something I just need to get used to. Hmm.

    Other than that, I really like this case.

    BTW: AT&T still has the 25% off. I was able to get it for $20.24 + tax w/free shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post
    grt is nice, stops the oreo effect. got mine yesterday and it looks alright, sorta cheap looking IMO. i wanted a more rugged feel to it. the only gripe i have is by the keyboard there is alot of play and the phone is not locked into place.
    I too didn't like that the keyboard in this case had a little too much play. My fix was to use some double-sided sticky tape (a bit wide) and cut it to fit into the back case just behind the keyboard. I put the Pre Plus with the keyboard open into the case and pressed around to secure the keyboard into its new back and voila! no more wiggly keyboard. I rarely take the TS compatible back off (maybe to dust/clean) and if need be, put a fresh piece of double-sided sticky tape. Works like a charm (for me anyway). YMMD

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    I've been using the GRT case with the touchstone back for about 2 weeks now and love it. Seemed a little awkward at first but I've become used to it and now would probably feel awkward without it. The pros to this case are 1) does not clip to the phone so it doesn't put stress on the Pre case which many have said increase the "oreo" effect; 2) the cut out for the touchstone make it near impossible to put the phone on the touchstone and not have it charge. The only con that I found was that it doesn't slide if plugged into a USB charger either it is open or closed, have to unplug the phone if you need to us the slider. Bought mine at an AT&T store for $35 and it came with 2 fronts (blue and smoke) and 2 backs (touchstone and non-touchstone).
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    The blue and chrome GRT cases can be found on ebay for $12-15.
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    I bought the blue and chrome GRT cases off of ebay. 1 day later I dropped the chrome one from a 3 foot fall and the chrome front shattered as though it were made of crystal. :-(.
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    Thank you AGF! Your case saved my phone.

    In a daze of post xmas stupor, driving home late, I dropped my phone. I got out of my car to get a WaWa coffee (not thinking straight) and my phone went flying out into the asphault. At first I thought it had shattered, but only the case had split open; it took the force of the impact.

    My phone pulled thru with only a single tiny scratch and the case went right back on with hardly a problem.

    PS: I got rid of the wiggle / play but cutting out some rubber shelf liner paper. Hard to describe, but I found the stuff that is formed like little tiny squares. I cut out and crazy glued small peices and individual squares in strategic places - and now no more wiggle.

    PS2: I had paid thru the website - alot more $, but still worth it. The funny part, was I had been considering ditching the case.. it was starting to feel a little bulky in my fingers. Not any more... If they are cheap now on ebay it's a no brainer.
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    I have the Otterbox and I think it is a great case, except it's a bit to difficult to remove. Other than that, I recommend it.
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    I am having a difficult time removing the GRT case. I don't want to put too much stress on the front cover to remove it. Is there an easy way to remove it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by team View Post
    I am having a difficult time removing the GRT case. I don't want to put too much stress on the front cover to remove it. Is there an easy way to remove it?
    I find it the easiest to remove the top of the GRT case if you open the keyboard and then move the case so that it lines up with the cutout for the USB port. Then just sort of pop the top off from the rail on the right side and that makes it pretty easy to remove it from the rail on the left side. Hope that makes some sort of sense to you. Basically it is easiest (I've found anyway, YMMD) to remove the case if the keyboard is open.
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    thanks, that helped
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    anyone ever find a decent carrying case for the pre with the grt case on?
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    I have had 2 otterbox cases break from normal use- no dropping at all. The first one broke several places around the edge of the front and the top corner of the back. The company was good about replacing for free, but the second one has a crack on the side of the front cover now.
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