The Headphones that come with the PrPrPr $Plus$ $have$ $one$ $single$ $button$ $that$ $can$ $pause$/$advance$ $the$ $currently$ $playing$ $song$. $I$ $find$ $it$ $quite$ $annoying$ $not$ $to$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $change$ $volume$ $level$ $etc$.
Nokia got a great little headphone/remote AD54
(mine came with a N95 from back the symbian days) which is perfect for turning the phone into a great hands free music player. the plug is the same 3,5mm with 4 contacts as the one from palm.
Is there a way to make drivers so we can use it with the pre?
I suppose we could use xev to get the key codes from pressing the keys (as with mapping extra keyboard keys in linux).
By the way I think that the headphone jack could turn out to be one great extension port if only we could get to the documentation.
So how about a little hardware hacking?