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    Hi, all,

    I just got a Pre and am now searching for My Perfect Case.

    • I like magnet closures better than Velcro.
    • I give cases somewhat hard use, so I need a strong one.
    • I must have a belt loop. Clips fear me and either jump off or break off at the nearest door jamb.

    Any suggestions?

    - NF
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    I actually miss my Treo hard case. It was really nice to swing it open like a shelf. It was also indestructible (except for the hinge which eventually broke). In the several years I owned the Treo, I replaced it once.

    I picked up a leather case case that closely matches your requirements from the local Sprint Store from a company called MobleGlove, but I've seen similar ones all around. The one thing I like is the opening at the bottom to easily push out the phone quickly. Some of the other pouch-like cases I saw you had to squish your fingers in from the top to get the phone out.
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    BTW, I have the Naztech Gladiator II*, which I bought for a Samsung Propel and used later on a Blackberry Curve. It's practically indestructible and fits the Pre reasonably well, but it's also kind of clunky. I don't really need the swivel clip and could get along fine with just a Cordura case with belt loop and magnetic clip.

    - NF

    * Amazon has it, but I can't post the link due to low post count.
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    I actually like palms own pouch. Granted, it doesn't use a belt loop, but it's made to fit, and the clip holds pretty well for me. Only drawback, is the black silicone like stuff around the leather came apart after a while, but some gorilla glue fixed it.
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    I picked up the Palm case GarrettQ was talking about at Radio Shack for $10. Great case.
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    I wound up getting a small Nite Ize case, which so far works fine.

    Search Amazon for "Nite Ize Universal Clip Case Cargo Magnet Small (Black)".

    - NF
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    I use to love my old palm leather case that would hold business cards too. Recently I found one for the pre by chance at cellphonshop (Original Palm Horizontal Case For Palm Centro 690, Pixi, Pixi Plus, Pre, Pre Plus - Palm Pre) 11.99 is a sweet deal and I love the feel. Now I'm back to being the fastest gunslinger of business cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDoo1965 View Post
    I picked up the Palm case GarrettQ was talking about at Radio Shack for $10. Great case.
    You can get the Palm case as part of the VZW bundle that includes a VZW car charger and a Touchstone for $15 shipped. Hard to beat that.

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    As an added note. I have the vehicle charger in this Verizonwireless $14.98 bundle and it definitely works with the Touchstone to charge the Pre+ in my car.
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    I use the one made for the HTC, it is leather and very durable
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    Review: SPE Top Pouch Case for Palm Pre | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community

    I took the advice of awhile back and picked up this case. It has been the most durable case I have ever purchased. If you are cool with the vertical position of the case, I would highly recommend it.

    I baby my phone, but not my case. This case has taken a beating and is still in great shape. The belt clip is sturdy and doesn't show any signs of tearing off the case, even through multiple occurrences of getting caught and pulled on various things. The Pre stays in the case without too much tightness, and the mag lid ensures it won't fall out. The interior of the case if very soft and keeps your Pre in pristine condition.

    I have had this case for over a year, and I will never go back to another case. Until I get a Palm phone with a new form factor, this will be my case of choice. Happy hunting to you.
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    i love the palm treo case that has the inside pocket that i think were for sd cards, you could easily use it for bussiness cards. go to amazon and search for treo essentials, it comes in a kit with a car charger and screens, i just toss those. when it comes up for like $30 it shows others starting at $2.49. i bought 2 for about $7 each with shipping and handeling.

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